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    Descendants of Abraham Soblet:
    1. Descendants of Pierre Louis Soblet
    2. Descendants of Jacques Soblet
    3. Descendants of Anne Soblet and Pierre Chastain

    Abraham Soblet

    Abraham Soblet was born December 4, 1648, in Sedan, France, to Jean Soblet and Judith Lombard. His godparents were Abraham Duclous and Rachel Brandon. On March 31, 1675, Abraham Soblet married Susanne Briant (daughter of Jacques Briant and Susanne Gerard) in Sedan, France.

    As described on the FAMILY HISTORY page, Abraham Soblet and his family were Huguenot refugees who had to leave France during the reign of Louis XIV. After traveling to Germany, the Netherlands, and England, Abraham Soblet and two of his sons went to America in 1700 on the Mary and Ann, the first of four ships to transport Huguenot refugees from England to the New World. A new settlement was established in Manakintown, Virginia, and Abraham Soblet's wife and three remaining children later arrived aboard the Peter and Anthony.

    In Manakintown, Abraham Soblet was elected to the vestry of the new parish, and later became a church warden. Abraham Soblet died around 1719 in Henrico County, Virginia, a few years after his wife, Susanne Briant.

    For more information on Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant, see Cameron Allen's book "The Sublett (Soblet) Family of Manakintown, King William Parish, Virginia."

    Of Abraham Soblet's five children who came to America (Pierre Louis, Jacques, Anne, Abraham, and Robert Soblet), three survived to have descendants. Below are brief biographies of various descendants of three of Abraham Soblet's children. See also the FAMILY TREE page for complete charts of all known descendants in each of these branches.

    1. Descendants of Pierre Louis Soblet:

    Of Abraham Soblet’s children, Pierre Louis Soblet would have the greatest number of Soblet descendants, making up the majority of Sublett and Sublette families in America today.

    Among his children were:

    Pierre and Elizabeth Sublett

    Pierre (Peter) Sublett was the oldest child of Pierre Louis Soblet. His descendants include Samuel S. Sublett, who in 1896 published the book “A Partial History of the French Huguenots by Name Soblets: Who Emigrated to America in 1700 and Settled at Manakin in Powhatan County, Virginia, 18 Miles West of Richmond City,” which contained letters, wills, and other historical documents pertaining to the first generations of Soblets in America.

    William Sublett and Susannah Allen

    William Sublett, son of Pierre Louis Soblet and Marte Martain, was born around 1723, and died around 1780. He married Susannah Allen, daughter of Mary Hunt and William Allen.

    After the death of Susannah Allen’s father, William Allen, her mother, Mary Hunt, married Field Jefferson, the uncle of Thomas Jefferson, who would become the third president of the United States.

    One of Susannah Allen’s brothers, Valentine Allen, was the father of Nancy Ann Allen and Mary Allen.

    Among the descendants of Nancy Ann Allen is John S. McCain, III, a Vietnam veteran and U.S. Naval officer like his father and grandfather, who was elected to the U.S. Senate from Arizona.

    Among the descendants of Mary Allen is Laura Lane Welch, who in 1977 married George W. Bush, who would become the forty-third president of the United States. In 2000, Laura Bush’s sixth cousin, John McCain, ran against her husband for the Republican presidential nomination.

    Like her brother, Susannah Allen and William Sublett would have many descendants who would have an impact on American history and politics.

    Their daughter Ursula Sublett, who married Edward Day, was the grandmother of William Henry Herndon, whose Illinois law partner and friend, Abraham Lincoln, would become the sixteenth president of the United States.

    Ursula Sublett’s brother William Allen Sublett was the great-great-grandfather of John Dixon “Red” Sublett, a World War I veteran and famous rodeo clown in the early Twentieth Century. Red’s brother Joseph Herman Sublett remained in France after the war and had a family there. Today, Joseph Herman Sublett’s descendants own a château and wine vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France.

    Abraham Sublett, another child of William Sublett and Susannah Allen, was the father of Philip Allen Sublett, a close friend of Samuel Houston, who would become the president of the Republic of Texas.

    Hiram Sublett, another son of Abraham Sublett, was the ancestor of Pleas Edward “Ned” Sublette, a country singer and producer of Cuban music records. In addition to recording music, Ned Sublette has written the historical books “Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo” and “The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square.”

    Ned’s brother, J. Mark Sublette, owns the Medicine Man Galleries in Arizona and New Mexico, which sell Indian and Southwestern art.

    Philip Allen Sublette (brother of Abraham and Ursula and son of William Sublett and Susannah Allen) in 1797 married Isabella Whitley (daughter of William C. Whitley, who would battle the Indian forces of Tecumseh in the War of 1812, in which both Whitley and Tecumseh died). Phillip Allen Sublette’s sons, William Lewis Sublette, Milton Green Sublette, Pinckney W. Sublette, Andrew Whitley Sublette, and Solomon Perry Sublette, would become famous mountain men in the West, helping to forge the Oregon Trail and expand the American frontier to the Pacific. William Lewis “Bill” Sublette became very wealthy as an Indian trader, and later as a real estate speculator; his investments included a tract of land near the Missouri River that would become Kansas City.

    Abraham and Elizabeth Sublett

    Abraham Sublett, a son of Pierre Louis Soblet and Marte Martain, was born around 1726 in Virginia, and was married to Elizabeth around 1751.

    One of their sons, Abraham Sublett, fought in the American Revolution, and in 1782 married his cousin Celia Sublett (daughter of William Sublett and Susannah Allen, and aunt of Bill Sublette the mountain man).

    One of the children of Abraham and Celia Sublett was Abraham Sublett (born around 1789 in Charlotte County, Virginia), who established Sublett Ferry on the Tennessee River in Jackson County, Alabama.

    Abraham’s brother William “Billy” Sublett (born around 1787 in Charlotte County, Virginia) married a cousin of both his parents, Mary Scott Sublett (daughter of Benjamin Sublett and Elizabeth Jordan), on January 10, 1809, in Warren County, Kentucky. Billy Sublett died around 1832 in Jackson County, Alabama, and is buried at the Old Stage Coach Station cemetery on Highway 79 near Larkinsville.

    Among the children of Billy Sublett and Mary Scott Sublett was Andrew Monroe Sublett, who was born around 1813 in Warren County, Kentucky. (He and his siblings were direct descendants of three sons of Pierre Louis Soblet: William, Abraham, and Benjamin Sublett.) Andrew Monroe Sublett married Mary Ann “Polly” Moon on April 7, 1842, in Madison County, Alabama. They lived on a farm in the Moontown area, and are both buried in the Sublett Cemetery in Moontown.

    Littleberry Madison Sublett, one of the sons of Andrew Monroe Sublett and Polly Moon, was the great-grandfather of Joe Sublett, a Grammy-winning saxophone player who is a member of the Phantom Blues Band, Texacali Horns, and Jim Belushi's band, the Sacred Hearts. Joe Sublett has worked with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Taj Mahal, B.B. King, Wynonna Judd, Travis Tritt, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen. Joe Sublett has performed on stage, on studio albums, and on movie soundtracks.

    George Allen Sublett, a cousin of Andrew Monroe Sublett, was the great-great-grandfather of John L. Sublett, a World War II air ace who flew in the 357th Fighter Group with Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager.

    Louis Sublett and Frances Hill

    Louis (Lewis) Sublett, son of Pierre Louis Soblet and Marte Martain, was born April 9, 1728, in Henrico County, Virginia, and died around 1802 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He married Frances Hill on June 3, 1749, in Cumberland County, Virginia.

    Three of their sons, Littleberry Sublett, Lewis Sublett, and James Sublett, fought in the American Revolution. Other descendants would fight in the War of 1812, the Civil War, and the Mexican-American War.

    In 1808, Lewis Sublett, Jr., a grandson of Louis Sublett and Frances Hill, married Susan Coleman (cousin of Zachary Taylor, who would become the twelfth president of the United States).

    Samuel Sublett, a first cousin of Lewis Sublett, Jr., was the great-great-great-grandfather of Brian Kemper Sublette, who was born November 12, 1965, in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2008, Brian Kemper Sublette, a landscape architect, appeared in episodes of the PBS series This Old House designing the yard for a house being remodeled in New Orleans.

    Jacques Soblet

    Jacques Soblet was born January 3, 1731, in Virginia to Pierre Louis Soblet and Marta Martain. He was baptized March 14, 1731, with godfathers Jacques Soblet and Jaque Martain, and godmother Janne Martain. Jacques Soblet died in infancy around 1731 in Powhatan County, Virginia.

    Benjamin Sublett and Elizabeth Jordan

    Benjamin Sublett, the youngest son of Pierre Louis Soblet and Marte Martain, was born April 23, 1733, and married Elizabeth Jordan on June 24, 1762.

    Benjamin Sublett enlisted in 1777 to fight in the American Revolution, during which his regiment traveled to Valley Forge, White Plains, Newark, and joined General Washington at Middlebrook.

    After being discharged in 1779, Benjamin Sublett moved to Charlotte County, Virginia, and later to Kentucky. Benjamin Sublett died around 1816.

    Benjamin Branch Sublett, a son of Benjamin Sublett and Elizabeth Jordan, was the ancestor of Damon Alexander Sublett, a baseball player from Wichita, Kansas.

    Born in 1985, Damon A. Sublett was a star pitcher and hitter at Northwest High School, where he lettered in baseball four years.

    Damon Sublett later played for Wichita State University, where he majored in psychology.

    In 2007, Damon Sublett was drafted by the New York Yankees, and spent the summer playing for the short-season Staten Island Yankees as second baseman.

    In 2008, he moved to the Tampa Yankees to play a full season in the Class A-Advanced Florida State League.

    Another descendant of Benjamin Branch Sublett is Jesse E. Sublett, III, a musician and author from Austin, Texas.

    In the 1970s, Jesse Sublett was in the Austin rock band The Skunks, and later would write a series of mystery novels: “Rock Critic Murders,” “Tough Baby,” and “Boiled in Concrete.”

    In 2004, he released a memoir, “Never the Same Again: A Rock ’n’ Roll Gothic,” detailing his life, the murder of his girlfriend, and his battle with cancer.

    In 2008, Jesse Sublett was featured on a poster to promote National Library Week for the Austin Public Library.

    2. Descendants of Jacques Soblet:

    Huguenot immigrant Jacques Soblet was the son of Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant, and the brother of Pierre Louis Soblet.

    Unlike his brother, Jacques Soblet had only one son, James, who survived to have children.

    Among the grandchildren of James Soblet was James Sublett of Henry County, Virginia, who married Sally Ford on October 11, 1810, in Garrard County, Kentucky.

    One of their descendants, Donald Jackson Sublette, was the author of “James Sublett & Sally Ford: Genealogy & Family History,” and spent many years researching all branches of the Sublett family.

    Another descendant of James Sublett and Sally Ford was Clifford MacClellan Sublette, who was born in 1887 and died in 1939.

    Clifford MacClellan Sublette was the author of several historical adventure books, including “The Scarlet Cockerel,” “The Bright Face of Danger,” “Perilous Journey,” “The Golden Chimney,” and “Greenhorn's Hunt.”

    3. Descendants of Anne Soblet and Pierre Chastain:

    Anne Soblet was the daughter of Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant, and sister of Pierre Louis Soblet and Jacques Soblet.

    Around 1701, she married Pierre Chastain, another Huguenot refugee who had come to Virginia on the same ship as Abraham Soblet.

    Anne Soblet and Pierre Chastain would have several children and grandchildren whose descendants, like the Sublett and Sublette descendants of Anne Soblet’s brothers, would spread throughout the country over the next 300 years.

    One notable descendant of Anne Soblet and Pierre Chastain is Brandi Chastain, a soccer player from California who, with the U.S. women’s National Team, won gold medals in the 1996 and 2004 Olympic Games.

    In 1991, Brandi Chastain was a member of the U.S National Team that won the first Women’s World Cup tournament, and in 1999, she made the winning penalty kick against China to win her second World Cup title. She celebrated the victory by ripping off her jersey, photographs of which appeared on magazine covers including Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated.

    Academy Award-winning film actress Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur, a descendant of David LeSueur and Elizabeth Chastain (daughter of Pierre Chastain and Anne Soblet).

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